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Travel Date: January 2017


Location: Wrightwood Mountains, CA

Accommodations: N/A

Activities: Table Mountain Campground

Ruckus and Oaken met when they were just a few months old and immediately became the best of buddies. They can barely contain themselves when they first see each other, nearly wiggling their nubs right off, and will play and wrestle together for hours. We love to watch Oaken when his parents are out of town and to take the boys on adventures with us. The first time we watched him we tossed them both in the back of the JEEP and drove up into the Wrightwood Mountains. 

When the trail we were aiming for was blocked off due to snow levels and our phone service was so bad we could not look up alternative hikes (a moment of unpreparedness we have since learned from), we started driving down each fork off the main road looking for any potential play areas or trails. After multiple failed attempts, we ended up at a tubing park where they were kind enough to let us leave our car even though we had no intension of tubing. Adjacent to the tubing park was the Table Mountain Campgrounds. The snow was so high we couldn’t even see the fire pits or markings of any kind; we had stumbled upon the biggest, wide-open, empty playground we could have hoped for!


As we wound through the trees Ruckus and Oaken bounced through the snow as we took turns letting them chase us. There was no one else in this surprisingly perfect space that stretched as far as we could see and felt so secluded you’d never know there was a paved parking lot 100 yards away. After a few hours of aimless snow play, we started looking for suitable trees to hang our Eno hammock. During our search we came across what seemed to be the edge of the campground, dropping off at a breathtaking vista of the mountains around us. After securing the hammock we put the pups in it just for fun and they actually sat perfectly content…for all of thirty seconds. They continued to explore and wrestle in the snow as we ate lunch and took in the incredible view we’d luckily stumbled upon. Having the two of them together was such a treat; they entertain each other so well and never stray far from our side. After lunch it was more racing, wrestling, and playing through the snow banks until we were all so tired our legs felt full of lead. 


We piled back in the car and trekked back to Huntington Beach with the dogs sound asleep in the back the entire way. A quick trip that went nowhere near as planed but ended up being an experience we’ll never forget! This trip was a wonderful reminder of how important it is to never let a change of plans stop you from finding an adventure, and to never forget how to create your own fun!

We Live in Huntington Beach, CA with our Australian Shepherd Puppy Ruckus!


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