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Wedding Date: May 21st, 2016


Location: Lake Arrowhead, CA

Accommodations: Shelter Cove

Activities: Pizza 900, Mike Amico Photography, Hungry Bear Deli, Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa

Tyler and I got married on May 21st, 2016 in Lake Arrowhead, CA. The backyard wedding was truly a DIT (Do It Together) experience and the happiest, most fun-filled day of my life to date. Held in the backyard of a beautiful home on the lake owned by one of Tyler’s friends, surrounded by one-hundred foot evergreen trees, it was an intimate affair with eighty of our closest loved ones.


Nearly every aspect of the wedding was home-made, simple, and elegant. Literally every family member and every member of the bridal party lent their expertise in their field as well as their time and energy and made our magical love-filled celebration a dream come true. Everything from the flowers to the wedding arch to the sound equipment was made or brought by family and friends so the day before and morning of the wedding were a whirlwind of preparation. Believe it or not, I actually really enjoyed this time. Sure, looking at my Excel check list of To Do’s was a little stressful, but it made the whole weekend a fun event working alongside the people we care most about in the world. Everyone came together, went above and beyond my wildest dreams, and (I hope) had a fabulous time doing it!

You can imagine our surprise when our late May date came with a forty-nine degree temperature!! Lucky for us, the sun was out and shining despite the chill creating a beautiful day (as long as you had a jacket). I can vividly remember sitting in the second story bedroom of the main house watching through the window as Tyler greeted our guests. Watching him smile and laugh and thinking that this incredible man was about to be my husband gave me butterflies like I’ve never experienced in my life. As I walked down the isle with my dad all I saw was Tyler’s face, the rest of it all faded away. With a huge smile I took both his hands and our friend Tyler M., who originally introduced us (see Our Story), took us through a personal, meaningful, and perfectly suited ceremony. After the ceremony guests played games on the tennis court including corn hole, ring toss, ladder toss, and giant tic-tac-toe while enjoying cocktails and appetizers. There were decks of cards and personalized Mad-Libs on the tables for those that preferred a more relaxed cocktail hour. When we returned to the backyard it had transformed into our dining area and the most delicious wood-fire oven pizza was hot and ready waiting for us! Pizza 900 kept serving as much pizza as we wanted all night long and the guests couldn’t get enough of it!!

My one regret from our wedding day is not recording the speeches our family and friends gave. Every person that spoke so clearly cared for me and Tyler from the bottom of their hearts and so perfectly captured who we are as individuals as well as couple each in their own way. I have never felt so much overwhelming love from a group of people in my life. After the speeches Tyler and I had our first dance just as the sun set to Johnny Cash’s song, Rose Of My Heart. The lyrics of this song epitomize how we feel about each other and dancing together as husband and wife while it played felt like the most natural thing we’d ever done. Then the party really got started! Nearly every guest was on the dance floor for the rest of the night! And if they weren’t it was because they were raiding the desert table covered with assorted pies and donuts. Seeing everyone we love and care for together in one place enjoying themselves and dancing together with wide smiles is a memory I will cherish forever. As our selected last song came on from our homemade playlist, without any instruction, everyone made a giant circle on dance floor and wrapped arms while Friends In Low Places filled the freezing night air and every last one of us bellowed along.


When it was all over I couldn’t quite believe it. We’d been planning this day for a year and thinking about for much longer and it had all just flown by. We spent the rest of the night comparing thoughts, memories, feelings, and experiences from the day and committing it to memory so that the day we joined our lives into one would never become a blur but a crystal clear perfect dream we could always look back on. 

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We Live in Huntington Beach, CA with our Australian Shepherd Puppy Ruckus!


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