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Travel Date: May 2016


Location: Big Sur, CA

Accommodations: Treebones Resort

Activities: Limekiln State Park, Limekiln Creek Falls Trail, Pfeiffer Beach, Sand Dollar Beach, McWay Falls, Big Sur Taphouse, Nepenthe, Wild Coast Restaurant

We spent the day after our wedding in Lake Arrowhead enjoying a lazy morning and sleeping in. We laid in bed together recanting every moment we could remember from the day before. When we finally got hungry enough to get up, I went down to the kitchen and brought back left over pie and donuts that we ate together in bed. We spent the rest of the day relaxing down by the lake, reading all of the thought cards we received from our wedding guests, and cuddling. 


The next morning we were off to Big Sur! We decided that our engagement weekend was so incredible that we had to go back. We also had friends getting married a few weeks later in Cabo which we planned to use as a second honeymoon, lucky us! We stayed at Treebones Resort again, only this time we stayed in a yurt instead of camping. We took every opportunity possible to treat ourselves. We woke up every morning and ate at the complimentary waffle bar before heading out to hit the trails and explore. We stopped at Nepenthe the first day and Big Sur Taphouse the second day for lunch and had a few beers before heading back out hiking. We made it home every night with just enough time to shower and watch the sunset from the deck of our yurt with a glass of wine in hand. Our dinners at the Wild Coast Restaurant inside Treebones Resort were phenomenal and we couldn't get enough of their fresh rosemary bread and olive oil mixed with homegrown herbs from their garden.

It was a great decision to again be out of cell service so that Devon and I were able to fully connect and be in our own little world without interruption. No text messages, emails, phone calls, social media etc. to distract us from the experience or from each other. We felt so invigorated and excited having just committed our lives to each other and didn't want anything to distract from those feelings. At the first opportunity we got, we headed back to the cliffside where I proposed to Devon exactly a year before. We sat there watching the waves crash on the sore and relived every moment of the proposal. We shared what each of us remembered thinking and feeling. We talked about everything we wanted out of life, the things we wanted to accomplish, things we wanted to see, what was important to us and what we could live without. We had an open and honest conversation about everything, including who would handle finances and what our current credit scores were. The last part may sound like a business meeting, but it was a necessary conversation and reaffirmed our decision to get married and start a life together. It gave us the foundation to plan what our future would look like together. We left Big Sur in even better spirits than when we got there. We were eager to head back home and start our lifelong adventure together. 

We Live in Huntington Beach, CA with our Australian Shepherd Puppy Ruckus!


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