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Tyler and I met in 2012 on the patio of the local Irish pub, with a group of friends enjoying the Sunday afternoon sun. My friend, also named Tyler (super confusing, I know! We’ll call him Tyler M. to help), had brought his life long best friend, Tyler, in hopes of setting him up with my roommate, Allison. I, of course, noticed Tyler the moment he stepped outside but being a good roomie, I kept my distance. Lucky for me Allison and Tyler hit if off but with no romantic spark. To this day I swear they act like siblings. I knew I was intrigued but I was nervous because he was just so cute! He was also so soft spoken that even after multiple different encounters over the next month I was still unsure if he had any interest in getting to know me. It took some middle-man work from Tyler M. to convince me that Tyler had been asking about me ever since that first day.


Finally, thanks to Tyler M.’s tireless efforts (yes he’s an amazing friend. He actually ended up being the officiant at our wedding!), Tyler and I ended up on our first date. It included an afternoon at the beach talking about nearly every subject imaginable, delicious Napoli-style pizza at Michael’s, and beers with good friends to end the night. As corny as it sounds we have been inseparable ever since. Neither of us had a doubt in our minds since day one that we had found our person.


We moved into a cute little back-house in Long Beach in 2013 and both continued our fitness careers; mine in Pilates and his as a Sport Performance Coach. In 2013 we moved to Huntington Beach for a change of scenery and have loved being just five blocks from one of California’s most beautiful beaches. Tyler proposed in the most romantic way I can imagine (ok I’m biased) in Big Sur, CA in 2015. Soon after, I started my own business teaching private Pilates out of our home and we found our first baby, our Australian Shepherd, Ruckus. This fur ball brought an energy and love into our lives that we could not have imagined possible. A year and a half later, we found Riot, the perfect little sister. These two brighten everyday and help us live the active outdoor life we dream of by coming with us everywhere we go. We got married in May, 2016 in Lake Arrowhead, CA and honeymooned in our favorite place, you guessed it, Big Sur.


We strive to be active, healthy, and adventurous whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Camping has become our favorite vacation and on weekends we can’t get away, beach runs and day hikes have become our norms. We have a running list of local and far off places we want to adventure in that is constantly growing. This blog is our way of sharing it all with the world. 


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