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Bringing Home Riot

Big Brother Ruckus & Little Sister Riot

Well…we’re officially crazy! Dollface Aussies, where we found our Ruckus, had two moms deliver in the same week and Lanae, the owner, sent us videos of the adorable fluff balls. They were just forty minutes away in Placentia so we decided to go visit. Ruckus’ mom had five puppies and the other mom, had six. Tyler had seen a picture of one of the babies, a small blue merle with a half black face and blue eyes and had fallen head over heals in love. Even though we had no intention of bringing home a second puppy from this visit Tyler could not stop talking about this one. We knew we wanted our next dog to be a girl, we even had a name picked out, but we didn’t know the gender of this puppy, and on top of that we didn’t’ know if this one was available or if it was already spoken for.

As soon as we saw the puppies Tyler spotted the little blue merle and scooped her up. Lanae immediately goes, “SHE is AVAILABLE, and she’s amazing.” Right then Tyler’s face lit up into a huge grin and I knew I was in for it. We spent the next three hours playing with the five week old puppies, letting Ruckus interact with them and his parents; Tyler barely put the little merle down except to hand her to me in hopes her puppy kisses and snuggles would win me over. And of course…they did. We had found our Riot.

We brought Ruckus back the next weekend to visit, making sure he got a chance to really meet Riot, then the following week it was time to bring our girl home! She was only seven weeks old, usually puppies go home at eight weeks, but due to certain circumstances it was best we brought her home early. She weighed about six pounds and sat in Mom’s lap while Ruckus sat in the middle and Dad drove.

After a quick bath, not her favorite, Riot scampered around exploring the house with Ruckus in toe keeping a close eye on her. They were wrestling together within minutes, like Aussies love to do. We were so proud of how gentle Ruckus was being with her and so excited at how fast she connected with him! The two have been inseparable ever since. We try to take Ruckus on walks or runs to get his alone time but all he wants to do is get back to his baby sister. When she has to go in her crate because she isn’t potty trained yet Ruckus lays down right next to it to comfort her and keep her company. The bond between the two of them warms our hearts and makes us confident we made the right decision with puppy number two.

Riot is a brave, confident, tenacious little girl (the perfect yin to Ruckus’ mellow, goofy, sweet hearted yang) and she is learning new things ever day. We’ve had her for four days and she has already mastered going up the stairs where she gets herself stuck because she can’t make it down yet, she’s learning her basic obedience commands, she’s still terrified of car rides, she’s eating like a champ, napping hard, and playing even harder. Ruckus is learning from this experience too. Our sweet, big-hearted, one and half year old boy turned from a puppy himself into a big brother over night and we’re astounded at how he’s taken on the roll. While he still plays like a puppy and hopefully always will, he is protective of Riot, always has to know where she is, and is there to help her and make sure she’s ok. He is still our first baby and always will be, but he loves being a big brother.

We could not be happier with the way Riot has found her place in our family. She is going to be a perfect companion for Ruckus and we can not wait to take her out into the world and introduce her to the beach, to hiking, to all her soon to be friends, and of course on some wonderful adventures with her family!

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